Natural Supps

Natural is king in supps. Everything should be as close to natural as possible. You will find at the health food store this is the case while the health department at the supermarket has a higher percentage of processed goods. Natural and fresh has the highest nutrient count but of course some foods come from the other side of the world and have to be dried and powdered or processed in some way. The better suppliers attempt to keep the nutrients as strong as possible.

Many nutrients these days are extracts where certain nutrients are extracted from beneficial natural produce. One that we have found particularly helpful is the autoimmune support from the Australian tea tree oil. the oil is extracted from the leaves of the bush and it is a very strong antiseptic. It is however not acceptably palatable so they remove the strong antiseptic components from it somehow and sell it in capsules as an immune booster. It is called 98Alive and where we have tested it over 9 months, it has given relief to many niggling problems which are remaining symptoms from a number of serious disease. So you can find many of these type of supplements now that are very useful. We do hope to report on many of them over the next months.


Organic is another important factor when buying supplements. It is not always possible to get organic but when you can at a reasonable price it is essential. The organic tag is our only protection against the mass producers taking over all supply lines. if this happened we would have all sorts of chemicals to deal with in our daily lives. There are currently around 82,000 chemicals we need to dodge daily. Their use is at least a little less while Organic retains its importance.