Health supplements is now big business around the world and so there is good and bad and this site attempts to pass on the information which will allow you to get the most from Health supplements generally.

Natural health programs are also becoming very popular as the conventional medical methods alleviate the symptoms of disease and prolong life but fail to get anybody healthy so that they can enjoy that life. if you watch thousands of ads you would think that so called health supplements could give you that health but unfortunately this is far from the truth. The fact is that basic nutrition from day to day foods is what gives us health. BUT BUT BUT what has happened around the world is that the soils which grow our daily foods are depleted and so the nutrient density is down in almost all foods from what it used to be AND SO we need supplements to compliment the nutrients in our foods. Supplements also speed up the regeneration process when we are overcoming sickness or when we are trying to achieve and better health level to exercise or participate in sport!

Some time ago we had an email from Suzy Cohen who is now well known for her role in natural health advice in America. She said she had thrown away all her multivitamins and so this is a rather extreme action but of course she went on to explain her actions and it will be worth reading our editors opinion in support. Fact is for now that you the reader need to collect more information about all sorts of things including supplements and nutrition to guarantee your quality of life through good health in a deteriorating environment. Look around you at those less informed already and the failing depth of enjoyment they get out of life. For us life is to be lived and enjoyed with a little adventure thrown in for luck.

So what do we see as beneficial supplements? And yes there are magnificent array now and it certainly makes up for nutrient deficiencies in our food chain. Wonderful supplements are now available from all over the world in every country or through the mail if you cannot walk into a shop to get them. The Health Food store is the place to go first and in most cases their staff are trained in Naturopathy or Nutrition and are only too happy to help you! Just tell them you heard how good they were in the healthsupplements.asia website. We also support a number of suppliers who wholesale and send through the mail products which are not available to you locally.

The beneficial ones are all natural at their source. And generally in their original form or just ground up or dehydrated ready for use. Processed supplements come into the similar category to processed foods. So a much smaller group of them need to be processed so much and it becomes harder to find beneficial ones. In our listings we will cover the why and wherefore of processing and how beneficial or damaging it is to the base substance. Suzy suggests in her email that the amounts of most components of multivitamin pills for example are totally insignificant before we get to the quality of ingredients. Then beneficial relates to the shop price of the item compared to a natural form of the nutrient. I watch some adds which say you have to eat 80 plates of spinach to get an equivalent amount of vitamin for example as a certain pill. And that fact may be true but the complimentary vitamins or enzymes are probably absent from the pill and often the vitamin is synthesised or in a form which is hard to digest. So the bottom line is rarely equivalent to the advertised statements.

Ok so much for the warnings we still have a massive health benefit to outline and from this point this is our task! Many of the sups found in health food stores are classifiable as superfoods. So we will take a walk past the shelves in the health food store and identify types of supplements you should look for and how to select those best for you. Information is critical otherwise you can waste thousands and we see the health store very much like a casino. the winnings can be huge but there are many who get very little real effect from their purchases because they have chosen the wrong product.


Now there are lots of products which have a positive effect on diseases and some which can have a curative tendency in some subjects. Everyone is different, we are not like a herd of sheep with a disease. Then a specific cure will be found by the Vet which can cure the whole herd. People are different mostly because of our lifestyle differences over a long period of time and the fact that we have more choices. Nevertheless it is always worth trying something which has a history of effectiveness against a specific condition. In the case of thyroid problems there is iodine and so then the decision is to constantly increase the natural intake of iodine or take an iodine supplement. Now iodine supplements do tend to be very beneficial to some and much less for others so here it is important to ask the naturopath in fact even most chemists are vague on the subject. Doctors tend to prescribe thyroid stimulating hormone treatments as a lifetime commitment. So in addition there are many blood cleansing teas and herbals which can positively effect many diseases and more. So read the special reports to come shortly and the details on the product listings.

There are supplements which are just extraordinarily useful. Now We received an email recently telling about the billions it would save in health care costs if everybody in Canada took a vitamin D supplement. There are many supplements which are almost essential now rather than just useful.